Book Reviews

Here's what a few folks said about God's Diner

This children's book is a delightful Parable about God's Grace. It is meant for little people and big people, the two-legged and the four-legged creatures. With beautiful and captivating illustrations, the message comes clear: God's Diner is open to ALL, with no restrictions and no artificial boundaries of status, first language, color, size, or temperament.
The food is abundantly available and never runs out. A seat at the table is always waiting on you and there will always be room for one more. Best of all, it's all FREE - all you have to do is walk through the Diner Door!

Charlene P. Kammerer—Bishop, The United Methodist Church (retired)

God’s Diner is a delightful book for all ages with an unmistakable “welcome” for all to come in and feast together. Though simply written, it invites an imaginative description of each of the animals who can’t quite believe they will be warmly received because of how they look, sound and behave. Seen through God’s eyes, they are welcomed no matter their color, status or size. This is a timely and profound message of inclusivity for a seemingly ever- growing divisiveness in our world. Children need to share it with all the big people in their lives.

Judy Stephens—Ordained Deacon, United Methodist Church

God's Diner is a delightful book that leads children to a better understanding of the love of God and how much God wants every child to feel the wide-open arms of welcome, true welcome for all children. Three lesson plans included are an easy to use guide for Christian educators and/or parents to help children explore and come to know the true nature of God and to also understand the sacrament of Holy communion as a way to experience God's radical welcome.
The music, art, and games included use each of the different learning styles and add fun and high interest ways to involve children in active learning that deepens their understanding of this positive message. God's Diner and the companion lessons are a valuable resource that I recommend you add to your toolbox and use often with your children. The message is one that each child needs to have planted and nurtured in their heart. This book is an endearing example of Jesus' saying, "Let the little ones come to me.

Jane Baker—Christian Educator