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God's Diner

Children's book, 2018

This delightful story, for ages 4-8, shares a gentle, yet powerful message about what it means to be fully accepted and loved by God.

When God’s Diner opens, a parade of creatures come to the door, each with their own doubts about whether they will be welcome.

Is Bessie the Bear dressed right? Does Bob Beagle have enough money? Are the Bluejays the right color?

Graciously, God welcomes them all. But when Pug, the Grouch Face, shows up, they all quietly wonder if God will serve even him?

Children will soon discover that God’s Diner is no ordinary diner.

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God's Diner Curriculum

Curriculum, 2018

Three complete lessons for grades K-3.

Based on God’s Diner, this all inclusive resource includes games, activities, Bible lessons and more---all combined to guide children to an understanding of the very nature of God; a God who invites us, welcomes us, and loves us, no matter who we are.

The lessons can be used individually or as a 3 part series. Lesson three focuses on communion and can be used in many creative ways.

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About This Curriculum:

  • Perfect for kids ages 4-12 // K-3rd/4th
  • 3 weeks of lesson plans, each able to stand alone
  • Can be downloaded Instantly
  • Contains Active-learning Activities
  • Engaging and Interactive Bible verses and stories
  • Life Learning Applications
  • Take home sheets

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Opening activity
  • Memory Verse(s)
  • Discussion on selected Bible text
  • Unique coloring sheets from God’s Diner
  • Hands-On activity to reinforce the weekly theme
  • PrayAction
  • A reproducible take home sheet for parents to use to during the week

God’s Diner Coloring Pages

Children's coloring pages

Kids will love these coloring pages adapted from the beautiful illustrations in God’s Diner.

Print out these sheets to use for Sunday School or at home.

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‘No longer was color or status or size
a way to divide us when seen through God’s eyes.’